Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, T2

Today is my nephew, who I will call T2, 5th Birthday!

He is the first born of Hubby's sister, and our longtime mutual friend-turned-brother-in-law, T. I call him "King of Diversion" because whenever he's in trouble, he tries to divert your attention to something else. For example, when he was yelling in the house while his brother was sleeping, I went in to say "T2, you have to be quiet or you will wake up J3". (J3 is T2's little brother.) While I am saying this to him, he is smiling up at me and saying at the same time "Auntie G, did you see my new toy?". He cracks us up, and uses words like "cross" instead of "mad", and refers to anytime before he was born as "the olden days".

The funniest thing he did recently was tell his brother that there was just not enough room in the house for both of them to live there, and that J3 will just have to go and live with Nana. And then another time, J3 called 911 when he was playing with the phone, and as you know - they still have to send an officer to the house even though it was an "accident". As soon as the policeman walked in the door, T2 pointed at J3 and said "HE DID IT!". There was no way he was taking the wrap for his little brother!!!

I tell him that I am going to "kiss him all day" and he tells me, "No, today is not the day." I just love this kid. I love all of my nieces and nephews equally of course, but he has a little corner of my heart reserved just for him.

Just look at him. Wouldn't you?

Happy 5th, T2. Be forwarned, there will be a day that I will kiss you all day.

Love, Auntie G

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