Friday, December 11, 2009

OH Christmas Tree...

Do you remember this picture from last January?

My post was about the mess our real tree made and how I hate real trees. But, Hubby likes them. So again, we went and picked out a real tree last Friday and brought it home, put it in the stand, and on Wednesday night all 3 of us strung the lights and decorated it. And then, it started to fall over. Luckily we were right there and caught it. But no matter what Hubby did to resecure it in the stand, it would NOT.STAND.UP. @$*&!!!

And so, we UNstrung the lights and UNdecorated it, and then we threw it out. I was so disgusted. Now, we will haul the fake tree out of the attic this Sunday and REstring the lights and REdecorate the fake tree. *&^%!!!

Next year, we will START with the fake tree. I hope.

Here's hoping your holidays are joyful and filled with good friends, good food and the love of your family.

See you in 2010 (because at the rate I am blogging it WILL BE 2010!)


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Life with Kaishon said...

I love that dash quote! I was just at Lemonologie blog this morning and I saw your blog title and I had to come and say hi! Such a funny story. Our christmas tree is tilting. No way in the world I will undecorate it though! So stinking much work... : ) Merry Christmas!