Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Symptoms of Only Child Syndrome

My son, "Pal", is and will always be, my only child. This being vacation week, my nephew (from hubby's side) is staying here and he is just one year older than Pal. This is like the ultimate for Pal - a live-in playmate. There is only one problem - he has "Only Child Syndrome". Common side effects of said syndrome: The "I-DON'T-PLAY-WELL-WITH-OTHERS-FOR-LONGER-THAN-A-COUPLE-OF-HOURS" issue, as well as "LET'S PLAY WHAT I WANT TO PLAY AND WHO CARES WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAY". My nephew, being mild-natured and having a 15-year-old brother, is used to taking the back seat and most of the time will give in to Pal's wishes. If you are Pal, all is good.

Today, while I went to the dentist, I brought the 2 of them over to my sister-in-law's house to play with her little boys. When I got back, I told them it was time to leave, and nephew decides to stay at Auntie's house and doesn't want to come back to my house with Pal. Can't say I blame him - although the 2 younger boys will drive him mad in a matter of hours. Obviously, Pal is C-R-U-S-H-E-D!!! I can't make my nephew come here if he doesn't want to, but it hurts me that my son is hurt. On the other hand, I feel like saying to him (but hold my tongue!) "Well, if you didn't act like a spoiled little brat then maybe he'd WANT to come back with us." I just told him that we'll see nephew later in the week, and we came home. Now he's all mopey and doesn't want to listen to any of my suggestions of what he can play - by himself.

That's the kicker of it all...no matter how many play-dates or sleep-overs he has, he will always, in the end, be alone. It makes me feel bad, but....I think I'll go lie down until this feeling goes away!


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