Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, "K"

My niece, to be known here as "K", turned 20 today. She is my second niece, my 3rd sister's oldest daughter. I am her Godmother. She is a great kid. Seriously, though my sister and brother-in-law might disagree sometimes! Hubby, Pal and I genuinely enjoy her company. She is kind, thoughtful and sometimes downright gullible. I love it. I love her.

I almost got fired for her, 20 years ago today. My sister had a scheduled C-section, but since I had to work, I went in and then around the time she would be going into the O/R, I "pretended" that my sister went into labor and needed me to take her to the hospital. My boss at the time, who was a royal b*tch, didn't buy a word of it (was I so totally transparent?) and told me that if I felt I "had to go" then she couldn't guarantee that I would have a job when I got back. I cried and told her I had to go. Of course, I was only 17 and could have given a rat's patootie about the job. Looking back on that day, I am glad to say that I was in that waiting room when my brother-in-law came out of the O/R and yelled "It's A Girl!". I happen to think that's a better memory than processing some car dealership paperwork!

On a more serious note about K, she has been suffering from ulcerative colitis since she was about 13, and it has come to the point that her colon has to be removed. It is a daunting operation for a 20-year-old college student to undergo. She's trying to be brave but I know deep down she's scared. It'll be a miracle if my sister survives this ordeal with HER nerves intact, too. Please, if you are someone who prays, keep K and our family in your prayers. They are needed, badly!

So, on this July 20th, 2008, Happy 20th Birthday, K. I love you like you were my own child. I like you as my friend, and I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

Love, AG (Aunnie G)

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Danni said...

Happy Birthday, K! You're in my prayers...