Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AHHH, this is the life! (and scary near-miss!)

LOOK AT THOSE WAVES!!! This was at Salisbury Beach last Tuesday. There was some sort of tropical storm out to sea that day, and the ocean was MAD! Pal and his cousins had an awesome time running scared from the waves. It was the only day last week that was beach-worthy, which was not good news for Pal's cousins who were there for the whole week.

Aren't they the cutest?

After the beach we took a walk down to the arcades and the kids had a blast.

After all that fun, Pal and I said goodbye to the cousins and headed up to N.H. to our comfy RV. Except that Mother Nature had plans to ruin our stay and it rained for the next 48+ hours, also sending a TORNADO our way! Luckily we were about 10 miles East of the path of the tornado, so we narrowly escaped it. Very scary, and lots of people lost their homes and RV's, etc.

In a post last week I introduced you all to my niece, "K", who will be undergoing surgery to remove her colon this Thursday. Please, if you are inclined to pray, keep "K" in your prayers this week, and even after that so she can be healthy enough to return to college in the Fall.

Thanks! Have a terrific week!


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