Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"K" is HOME!

Thanks to everyone who said a prayer or kept my niece, "K", in your thoughts these last few weeks. K had her colon removed on July 31, and did really well. She was happy to be in the hospital and enjoyed all the attention and flowers, balloons, bears, etc. She did have a minor setback last week and had to stay in the hospital a lot longer than originally planned. By Monday night she was desperate to go home. The good news came at about 4:00 Tuesday that she could go home! I'm sure she enjoyed her first night in her own bed (which happens to be a brand new Queen!). And a shower - I know she enjoyed THAT!!! (We all appreciated it!!!! LOL).

Continue to keep her and the family in your prayers, though. She still has a long recovery to get through, and hopefully can return to college in September.

Later I'll post another blog about our wet, fun, wet weekend in the pop-up!

Have a great Wednesday!

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