Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Days

(((Singing))) "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

4th Grade - HERE HE COMES! I laugh at those Mother's that cry when their kids go off to school on the first day - I was dancin' !!!! Of course, I will only dance until next week when I have to go back to work...

He's also going to turn 9 years old a week from now, and I can't believe it. That means in another 9 years he will be a legal, voting adult! Yikes....can these next 9 go by a little slower than the last 9? Please?

Here are a few pictures from Cub Scout Camp last week:

This was "cooking" class, where they made a campfire out of edible treats.

He's the middle one, getting ready to jump in the lake (first one in, of course!)

Woodworking class, where they built bird-feeders. He looks so professional!

Here is Pal and his best buddy, (the one in the middle). The other Scout is best buddy's OTHER best buddy, hence why best buddy is in the middle!!

Here is the fishing pond picture from this year. I tried to copy last year's pose but didn't quite succeed.

So this about sums it up:
Summer vacation - $500.00. Cub Scout Camp - $140.00. 4th grade - free (to the town's taxpayers). Mom's sanity - priceless!!!


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