Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls Day at Cape Cod

I work with mostly women, of which I am the youngest. By years. Well, for some it's only a few years, for others it is more than 30!!! This group (about 20 of us) is c-r-a-z-y! In a good way, most of the time. The leader of the craziness would have to be Mrs. P2. She is a hoot, and loves to host these zany parties at her house. Or houses, since she has more than one. Last time we were at her home, which is fab-u-lous. This time we went to her Cape Cod house, and it just as fab in that Cape Cod style. Gorgeous. (secretly I'm hoping the next one will be hosted at her house in Florida!!! Just kidding, I'm not that rude to suggest she invite us I?)

The last party she hosted was a Crazy Hat Party. Everyone had to design their own hat, and prior to coming to the party, each person had to let Mrs. P2 know what our hat's theme was going to be, and she selected music to go along with each theme. We were "presented" by Mrs. P2's daughter and we modeled our hats down the stairs and into the room filled with our loud theme song and everyone screaming and laughing! It was a riot! We had the Queen Mum, Mrs. Foxwood's, Betty Crocker, etc. I had a sore throat the next day from all the talking and laughing we did.

Mrs. M as "Queen Mum"

My boss Mrs. P1, as "Chips and Dip", Mrs. R as "Easter Bonnet with a side of Depends" and Mrs. G as "Vegas Lights"! They were the winners of the Crazy Hat Contest.

When we first arrived, we also played a game called the "NO" game. Each guest brought a $5 lottery scratch ticket, and you were given a clothes pin to pin onto your shirt. If at any time during the first hour you uttered the word "NO" and another guest picks up on it, she can take your clothes pin. At the end of the hour, the guest with the most clothes pins wins all of the scratch tickets.

So, because I do not drink, (no, that's not a joke!), I waited until all of the ladies had a few glasses of wine in them before I really started playing the game. With about 10 minutes left, I targeted the guest with the most clothes pins, who just happened to also have a few too many glasses of wine! We'll call her Mrs. G. I asked Mrs. G, quietly, if she would like another glass of wine, and said (slightly slurring) "NOOOOOO". Thank you very much! I won $50 on the scratch tickets!

So yesterday, Mrs. P2 invited all of us to her house on Cape Cod. She lives there for the Summer and the house is a showcase. It is gorgeous, and has all the amenities you could imagine. Inground pool, patios, outdoor shower, a mile from the beach...she fed us like royalty and we played some crazy games that we haven't played since we were kids. The first game we played? You guessed it - the "NO" game. And this time it was $5 in cash from each guest. There were 12 of us so there was $60 at stake here! And who do you think won this time? You guessed it - MOI!!!!! Oh they were not likin' me.....!!!! This time I almost lost it right at the end of the game, but regained my "NO" sensor just in the nick of time. YAHOOOOOO!!!!

We also had a balloon toss, pin the tail on the donkey, and a hula-hoop contest. I didn't win ANY of those. Although I did come in second in the balloon toss!

Look at those hips swivel! GO MS. B!!!!

You get by with a little help from Mrs. P2's daughter!

So when our office politics get in the way during our crazy-busy time, we can look at these pictures and immediately start laughing. It's great to work with such crazy women who aren't afraid to chill out and have fun.

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